Our Current House, Before

When we first walked through our current house, my initial thought was, “I love all the space!”  Tall ceilings, open walkways, big rooms.  An older home definitely has its challenges, but the vision was there for us.

Just a side note, right before the previous owners placed it on the market they had the whole thing painted icy blue.  I hear they were going for a gray color, but we all know how hard grays are to choose and how different a color can look from room to room.  Wall color can be one of the biggest design hurdles that someone faces as they redo a room – and one of the most impactful decisions.  The way a room looks on Pinterest is not the way it will look in your house with your light!  All that to say, paint samples are your friend, and getting some advise before you buy a 5 gallon bucket never hurts either.  If you need help choosing a paint color for your space, contact me!  I have design packages that provide as little or as much help as you need before you start your project.

Currently as I write this we are knee deep in renovations, but this is what our house looked like when it was on the market a few months ago.  I would love for you to follow along as we begin this huge project.  We plan to rework the existing kitchen, paint all the walls and trim, and update all the lighting.

View from the front door:


To the left of the front door {formal dining room}:






Living room:


Office {in between the front room and living room}:


Front room:


Laundry room {right off the garage door}:


Main floor bath:




Just a recap:  what we’ve got is an large house with lots of open spaces and a whole lot of honey oak.  It’s basically a blank slate, and we are so excited to get started on it.  I won’t lie to you and pretend I’m never overwhelmed by the enormity of a whole house reno, but at the same time, I know the end product will be worth it.  I’d love for you follow along!

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